“It is their standard operating procedure to go the extra mile”

“It’s easy for me to sum up my feelings about David and Avarelle. Put simply, they are the wisest and most decent people I know. During the nearly 30 years I have known Avarelle and David, as their friend and as their client, I’ve watched the development of their real estate careers. I believe their great success as Realtors can be traced to three qualities. First, they have deep experience in law and finance, in addition to real estate, and they are extremely smart. So complex transactions don’t intimidate them. They have seen all of the twists and turns before, so they can navigate their clients through difficult terrain with confidence and ease. Second, they have great compassion for others. They know that a real estate purchase or sale is not simply a business deal, but often an emotionally charged and stressful event in a client’s life. So they put their own egos aside, and take the time to attend to the feelings and concerns of the client. Third, they are tirelessly devoted to their client’s happiness. It is their standard operating procedure to go the extra mile. Each of these qualities is rare. The combination is practically a miracle. Just the sort of stuff role models are made of.”

Jeff Rovner

— Jeff Rovner